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Executive Committee
Executive Committee

The society is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of twelve voting members and a handful of non-voting, ex officio members.  The twelve voting members are elected by the membership and divided into thirds to that one-third of the members are elected each year with each member serving a three-year term.

The current Executive Committee is composed of the following members:

January 2021 - January 2024
Robert Garcia
Dolores Morris
Claire Peterson
Sameer Yadav

January 2020 – January 2023

Laura Callahan
Jennifer Frey
Sam Newlands
Joshua Thurow

January 2019 – January 2022

Faith Glavey Pawl
Daniel Howard-Snyder
Rob Koons
Karen Stohr

Ex Officio Members of the Executive Committee
Terence Cuneo, President
Justin McBrayer, Executive Director
Caleb Cohoe, Treasurer
Lara Buchak, Ombudsperson
Thomas D. Senor, Editor, Faith and Philosophy
Michael Bergmann, President Emeritus

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Administrative Committees
Administrative Committees

Christian Miller, chair (to end of 2022)
Charity Anderson (to end of 2022)
Craig Boyd (to end of 2020)
Susan Brower-Toland (to end of 2022)
Mark Murphy (to end of 2022)
Lara Buchak, ex officio

Caleb Cohoe, chair (to end of 2023)
Rebecca Chan (to end of 2022)
Chris Tweedt (to end of 2021)


Lara Buchak, chair and ombudsperson (to end of 2026)
Kyla Ebels-Duggan (to end of 2021)
Mark Murphy (to end of 2020)
Thomas Williams (to end of 2022)
Sameer Yadev (to end of 2022)
Justin McBrayer, ex officio
Terence Cuneo, ex officio

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Regional Committees
Regional Committees

Note that SCP members interested in hosting a regional SCP conference should inquire about this option directly by emailing the chair of the appropriate regional committee.

Eastern Region
Steve Huizenga, chair (to end of 2020)
Dolores Morris (to end of 2021)
John Pittard (to end of 2022)

Midwest-Central Region
Louis Mancha, chair (to end of 2021)
Anne Jeffrey (to end of 2020)
Brandon Warmke (to end of 2022)

Mountain-Pacific Region
Garrett Pendergraft, chair (to end of 2021)
Nathan King (to end of 2020)
Teri Merrick (to end of 2022)

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Scholarly Association Committees
Scholarly Association Committees

Eastern APA-SCP
Philip Swenson, chair (to end of 2021)
Andrew Moon (to end of 2022)
Rebecca Stangl (to end of 2020)

Central APA-SCP
Rob Koons, chair (to end of 2020)
Nancy Snow (to end of 2021)
Kevin Vallier (to end of 2022)

Pacific APA-SCP
Adam Green, chair (to end of 2021)
Rebecca Chan (to end of 2022)
Josh Orozco (to end of 2020)

Tim Pawl, chair (to end of 2020)
Lorraine Keller (to end of 2020)
Alli Thorton (to end of 2022)

Michelle Panchuk, chair (to end of 2020)
Joshua Cockayne (to end of 2022)
Mike Rea (to end of 2020)

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International Committees
International Committees

Oliver Crisp, chair (to end of 2022)
Joshua Cockayne (to end of 2022)
Janet Soskice (to end of 2021)
Mark Wynn (to end of 2020)

Tim O’Connor, chair (to end of 2022)
Daniel Lim (to end of 2020)
Kai Man Kwan (to end of 2021)

Curtis Rigsby, chair (to end of 2021)
Andrew Komasinski (to en of 2020)
William McCurdy (to end of 2020)

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Kevin Vallier, chair (to end of 2020)
Alina Beary (to end of 2021)
Rico Vitz (to end of 2022)

Central and Eastern Europe
Andrew Pinsent, chair (to end of 2022)
Mikolaj Slawkowski-Rode (to end of 2020)
Ralph Weir (to end of 2020)