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In 1978, William Alston encouraged a small cadre of Christian philosophers to form a professional group that would do more to promote philosophizing and fellowship among philosophers who shared a commitment to Christianity. That initial group included widely-respected philosophers like Marilyn McCord Adams, Robert Adams, Arthur Holmes, Ken Konyndyk, George Mavrodes, Ralph McInerny, Alvin Plantinga, Mary Carmen Rose, and Nick Wolterstorff. In the early 1980s, Mike Peterson and others urged the fledgling society to launch what would become one of the most important philosophy journals in the English language, Faith & Philosophy.

Over time, the SCP has become the preeminent professional organization for Christian philosophers.  The SCP currently includes over 600 members, including some of the most cutting-edge philosophers in the academy. 

Besides its journal, the society supports a wide-variety of initiatives to promote fellowship and intellectual exchange among Christian philosophers including grants, annual conferences, newsletters, and various events.

Past Presidents of the SCP
William P. Alston (1978-1981)
Robert Adams (1981-1983)
Alvin Plantinga (1983-1986)
Marilyn M. Adams (1986-1989)
George Mavrodes (1989-1992)
Nicholas Wolterstorff (1992-1995)
Eleonore Stump (1995-1998)
C. Stephen Evans (1998-2001)
Robert Audi (2001-2004)
Linda Zagzebski (2004-2007)
William J. Wainright (2007-2010)
Peter van Inwagen (2010-2013)
Michael Rea (2013-2016)
Michael Bergmann (2016-2019)
Terence Cuneo (2019-2022)
Timothy O'Connor (2022-)

Past Editors of Faith & Philosophy
William P. Alston (1984-1990)
Philip L. Quinn (1990-1995)
William Wainwright (1995-2000)
William Hasker (2000-2007)
Thomas Flint (2007-2015)
Mark C. Murphy (2015-2020)
Tom Senor (2020-)