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Faith & Philosophy

Faith & Philosophy is a scholarly journal that is sponsored and operated by the Society of Christian Philosophers.  The journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed research in philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, and analytic theology.

Widely recognized as the leading journal in its field, Faith and Philosophy serves the Christian community by articulating Christian faith in a manner that withstands rigorous examination and by exploring the implications of that faith for all aspects of human life. It serves the intellectual community at large by providing clear and thoughtful discussions of issues related to Christian faith.

The journal is provided online and open-access by the SCP so that the best of contemporary Christian philosophy and philosophy of religion is available to all.  Please go here to view both past and current issues.

Faith & Philosophy is run by four officers: the Editor, the Associate Editor, the Managing Editor, and the Book Review Editor.

          Mark Murphy, Editor

          Scott Davison, Associate Editor

          Michael Peterson, Managing Editor

          Alicia Finch, Book Review Editor

To contact the editor of Faith & Philosophy, email: or send mail to the following address:

     Mark C. Murphy, Editor, Faith &Philosophy
     215 New North
     Georgetown University
      Washington, DC 20057