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Baylor Advertising a Three-Year Post-doc

Justin McBrayer | Published on 11/9/2020

Baylor University seeks application for a postdoctoral fellowship for up to three years from those working in virtue ethics, moral psychology, or social philosophy. Suitable candidates will have a background in psychology or neuroscience that equips them to participate in data collection, qualitative analysis, study design and intervention development with our team of philosophers, psychologists, and practitioners.

Job Responsibilities:
The primary research project the postdoc would join investigates ways to enhance neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics with a multicultural perspective and developing virtue-promoting interventions using Participatory Action Research methodology. The majority of the postdoc’s time will be spent on independent research on virtue, multicultural ethics, ethics of oppressed groups, or cultivating virtue. The postdoc will also regularly contribute to collaborative research with psychologists and practitioners at sites where interventions will be delivered. The researcher will contribute regularly to the Baylor working group on Bioethics and the Flourishing Brown Bag group. The initial appointment will be for one academic year with the expectation of renewal for two more years assuming good performance. 

Baylor is committed to cultivating an inclusive and multicultural population. Applicants should address in a separate statement how their teaching, research, service, and/or life experiences prepare them to advance Baylor’s commitment to inclusivity and equity and the project’s aim of crafting a more inclusive neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics. 

Anticipated start date: June 2021


  • Expected qualifications for a candidate include:
  • Doctorate in Philosophy or Theology prior to June 2021
  • Research experience in psychology or neuroscience.
  • Demonstrated abilities to engage in analytical thinking, qualitative and quantitative methods and analysis.
  • Ability to set priorities in order to perform and manage workload to meet deadlines
  • Ability to build relationships and network with partners

 Preferred qualifications include:

  • Experience with grant projects and grant writing activities

Materials Requested for Application:

  1. Cover Letter describing of your research experience in moral psychology and ethics,
  2. a curriculum vita (CV),
  3. a research statement describing your interests and goals, and
  4. three professional reference letters.

Application Deadline: November 15, 2020

Details here: