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Weatherford College 3rd Annual Philosophy of Religion Conference

Published on 12/10/2019

Weatherford College 3rd Annual

Philosophy of Religion Conference


Philosophy of Religion and Science


The relationship between science and religion is a storied but difficult one. While many historical advances in science have been motivated by religious concerns and commitments, more recently religion has been viewed as having an antagonistic relationship with science. Does a proper philosophy of science exclude religious considerations? Must religious claims give way to scientific claims in the case of conflict? Exactly what role, if any, does religion have in science and vice versa? It is to the theme of “Philosophy of Religion and Science” that the Weatherford College 3rd annual philosophy of religion conference turns. The conference will be held at Weatherford College on April 3-4, 2020.


Douglas K. Blount, Ph.D. (Notre Dame) will deliver two plenary lectures on the Philosophy of Religion in Science.


In addition, a call for papers is being extended to professional philosophers, professionals interested in philosophy of religion, or students of philosophy of religion as well as any professional or student in a field intersecting philosophy of religion and science. Any proposal on the conference theme is welcome, including but not limited to the nature of the relationship between religion and science, the extent to which religion and science are compatible, resolving alleged conflicts between science and religion, methodological and ontological naturalism in scientific inquiry, cultural perspectives on science and religion, the epistemology of science and its impact on religion, the impact of religion on science, the role of philosophy in scientific inquiry, the role of science in religious inquiry.  While proposals on the conference theme will be given special consideration, any proposal on any topic related to philosophy of religion will be considered. Proposals must be 250-350 words and must be submitted no later than February 23, 2020. Proposals may be submitted to Greg Trickett at Presentations will be limited to a 50 minute time frame (approximately 30 minutes for presentation and 20 for Q & A). Presenters are encouraged to submit a full version of their paper for consideration in a possible published volume.


Conference registration for Weatherford College faculty, staff, and students is free, but registration is still required (Weatherford College registrants will be required to show their school ID at the conference registration table). Registration for non-Weatherford attendees will be $35. In addition to the paper presentations and plenary sessions, there will be a Q & A banquet, featuring our keynote speaker and some of our presenters, at the close of the conference on Saturday. Seating for the banquet is limited. Banquet tickets will be $15 for all banquet attendees. You can register at For more information, contact Greg Trickett at the above address or visit