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In Memoriam: George Mavrodes

Published on 8/6/2019

In Memoriam George Mavrodes (November 23, 1926 — July 31, 2019)

George Mavrodes was one of the founders of the Society of Christian Philosophers.  Indeed he was one of its founding conspirators, who met over lunch at the 1977 meetings of the Central Division of the American Philosophical Association and set about recruiting others of us to attend a gathering a year later. At that gathering, at the 1978 Central Division meetings, the Society was actually founded.  More fundamentally, in the 1960s, he was one of the founders of American analytical philosophy of religion, one of the few who taught the subject in a leading graduate program.  I was fortunate to have him as a colleague when I began my teaching at the University of Michigan.  I remember with particular gratitude his sense of humor about philosophical disagreements.  We are all in his debt for his long-time service to the Society, including three years as its fifth President (1989-92).  We commend him into God’s loving care.  

Robert M. Adams

Members can read more about the life and work of Dr. Mavrodes on the University of Michigan website.  Those wishing to reach out to his family may do so at the website for the funeral home conducting his service.  That site also includes a lengthy obituary.