SCP Officers and Committees

The Society is governed by an Executive Committee made up of the President, the Executive Director, the Treasurer, the Editor of Faith and Philosophy, and twelve elected members.


Michael Bergmann

Executive Director
Justin McBrayer

Treasurer and Secretary
Kevin Timpe

Faith and Philosophy

Mark Murphy

Associate Editor
Scott Davison

Book Review Editor
Alicia Finch

Managing Editor
Michael Peterson

Members of the Executive Committee

January 2018 – January 2021
Harriet Baber
Kyla Ebels-Duggan
Trenton Merricks
Daniel Speak

January 2017 – January 2020
Lara Buchak
Craig Boyd
Kenny Boyce
Rico Vitz

January 2016 – January 2019
Meghan Sullivan
Kate Rogers
Amy Seymour
Chris Tucker

January 2015 – January 2018
Justin McBrayer
Tim Pawl
Angela Knobel
Thomas D. Senor

January 2014 – January 2017
Alica Finch
Stephen Grimm
Christian Miller
Ray VanArragon

January 2013 – January 2016
Jonathan D. Jacobs
David Bradshaw
Gloria Frost
Samuel Newlands

January 2012 – January 2015
Susan C. Brower-Toland
Hud Hudson
Michael Rota
James E. Taylor

January 2011 – January 2014
Marilyn Adams
Alexander Pruss
Charles Taliaferro
Kevin Timpe

Ex Officio
Kevin TImpe, Treasurer
Mark Murphy, Editor, Faith and Philosophy
Michael Peterson, Managing Editor, Faith and Philosophy
Justin McBrayer, Executive Director
Michael Bergmann, President


If you have questions, comments or suggestions that may be of concern to one of the following committees, please feel free to contact the committee members. Please contact them as well if you have any interest in serving on a committee.


Christian Miller, chair (through 2019)
Claire Brown Peterson (through 2018)
Laura Ekstrom (through 2017)

Daniel Howard-Snyder, chair (through 2018)
Susan Brower-Toland (through 2020)
Sam Newlands (through 2022)

Alicia Finch, chair and ombudsperson (through 2020)
Michael Rea (through 2019)
Patrick Kain (through 2018)
Susan Brower-Toland (through 2017)
Christina Van Dyke, ex officio
Michael Bergmann, ex officio


Eastern Region
John-Christopher Keller, chair (through 2017)
Trenton Merricks (through 2019)
Claire Brown Peterson (through 2018)

Midwest-Central Region
Jack Mulder, chair (through 2018)
Robert Garcia (through 2019)
Kyla Ebels-Duggan (through 2018)

Mountain-Pacific Region
Garrett Pendergraft, chair (through 2021)
Nathan King (through 2020)
David VanderLaan (through 2019)


Eastern APA-SCP
Chris Tucker, chair (through 2018)
Stephen Grimm (through 2019)
Laura Ekstrom (through 2017)
(APA contact: Andrew Cullison)

Central APA-SCP
Charity Anderson, chair (through 2019)
Paul Audi (through 2018)
Tim Pawl (through 2017)
(APA contact: Robin Smith)

Pacific APA-SCP
Rebekah Rice, chair (through 2019)
Michael Pace (through 2018)
Dan Speak (through 2017)
(APA contact: Anita Silvers)

Tim Pawl, chair (through 2020)
John Schwenkler (through 2019)
Karen Chan (through 2017)

Andrew Chignell, chair (through 2017)
Mike Rea (through 2020)
Oliver Crisp (through 2019)


SCP in the UK
David Efird, chair (through 2020)
Sarah Coakley (through 2018)
Brian Leftow (through 2020)
Janet Soskice (through 2020)
Mark Wynn (through 2020)

Tim O’Connor, chair (through 2019)
Mengyao Yan (through 2019)
Kai Man Kwan (through 2018)
Curtis Rigsby (through 2018)
Michael Beaty (through 2017)
Steven Wykstra (through 2017)

Curtis Rigsby, chair (through 2018)
Stig Lindberg (through 2019)
Andrew Komasinski (through 2017)
William McCurdy (through 2017)

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Rico Vitz, chair (through 2019)
Michelle Panchik (through 2019)
Alina Beary (through 2018)
Mike Rota (through 2017)

Central and Eastern Europe
Linda Zagzebski, interim chair (through 2018)
Michael Morris (through 2019)
Alexander Pruss (through 2018)
Eleonore Stump (through 2017)
Tim Pawl (through 2017)

Past Presidents
Wlliam P. Alston (1978-1981)
Robert Adams (1981-1983)
Alvin Plantinga (1983-1986)
Marilyn M. Adams (1986-1989)
George Mavrodes (1989-1992)
Nicholas Wolterstorff (1992-1995)
Eleonore Stump (1995-1998)
C. Stephen Evans (1998-2001)
Robert Audi (2001-2004)
Linda Zagzebski (2004-2007)
William J. Wainright (2007-2010)
Peter van Inwagen (2010-2013)
Michael Rea (2013-2016)

Editors of Faith and Philosophy
William P. Alston (1984-1990)
Philip L. Quinn (1990-1995)
William Wainwright (1995-2000)
William Hasker (2000-2007)
Thomas Flint (2007-2015)
Mark C. Murphy (2015-)