Philosophy from a Christian Perspective conference

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Wayland Baptist University (San Antonio, TX) is hosting its inaugural conference on philosophy from a Christian perspective on Thursday, April 6, from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. The conference will be held at our beautiful Callaghan Campus on the city’s northwest side at I-10 and I-410.

Dr. Steve Evans from Baylor University will be lecturing on God and Moral Obligations. Sessions titles include: “The Unique Character of Moral Obligation,” “Moral Obligations as Divine Commands,” “Objections to Seeing Moral Obligations as Divine Commands,” and “Secular Alternatives to Divine Command Theory.” 

The conference is free, thanks to a generous grant from the Society of Christian Philosophers. We ask only that anyone planning to attend email Dr. Ben D. Craver at to RSVP in order to make the best use of our resources.