2013–2014 Inquiry on Religious Experience and Moral Identity at the Center of Theological Inquiry

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Offering eight Research Fellowships of up to $70,000 and two Postdoctoral Fellowships of $40,000, provided with support from the John Templeton Foundation, the Center of Theological Inquiry (CTI) in Princeton, New Jersey, will welcome proposals from scholars in theology, philosophy, and ethics, as well as scientists working in psychology and neuroscience, for its 2013-2014 residential Inquiry on Religious Experience and Moral Identity.

Seeking to advance thinking about the ways in which different academic disciplines account for human behavior and morality, the project will bring theological, ethical, and philosophical concepts into contact with new research in psychology and neuroscience. The research team will spend a year in residence at CTI’s facilities in Princeton, working in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment to produce major individual research projects on the inquiry theme.

An independent research institution, CTI is dedicated to exploring fundamental questions about human life through interdisciplinary scholarship. Its yearlong inquiries assemble small teams of scholars from theology and a variety of secular fields to research questions beyond the scope of any one discipline.

Leaders and Speakers:

• Team led by theological ethicist Stephen Pope, Boston College, and philosopher Robert Roberts, Baylor University

• Fall International Symposium on Moral Psychology and Moral Identity with psychologist Paul Bloom, Yale University, in dialogue with moral theologian Jean Porter, University of Notre Dame

• Spring International Symposium on Neuroscience and Religious Experience with neuroscientist William Hurlbut, Stanford University, in dialogue with theologian Werner Jeanrond, University of Glasgow

• 4 Princeton Seminars on the inquiry topic, with papers from local research scholars, co-sponsored with Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University

• Mid-winter dialogue on work-in-progress with theological ethicist Jennifer Herdt, Yale University, and sociologist of religion Linda Woodhead, University of Lancaster, UK


Application Period: September 1 to November 30, 2012


Request for Proposals: To be posted in May of 2012 at http://www.ctinquiry.org.


Additional Information: News about the program is available at http://www.ctinquiry.org/news/newsstory.aspx?id=79&hide=true.


Contact: Application inquiries may be directed to the Application Manager at apply@ctinquiry.org.